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The committee is formed with a wealth of experienced and knowledgeable people from the Heavy Horse world, who are dedicated to keeping standards and tradition alive.

Chairman: Mr S J Peacock 

         Founder member of the HHTC.

         Former owner of successful commercial carriage hire business. 

         Shire Horse Society council member.

         Former master of the worshipful company of farriers.

         Shire, Percheron and Suffolk society approved judge.


Dave profile.jpg

Vice Chairman: Mr D J Lawless

         Owner of successful Shire Horse, horse drawn vehicle hire company.

         Lord Mayor of London's coachman.

         Organiser and participant of high profile equestrian displays.

         Experience of driving and showing single, pair and 4 and 6 horse teams.

         Experienced trainer of all breeds of harness horse.

         Operator of driver training centre.


WTH Profile.jpeg

Member: Ms W Toomer-Harlow

          Shire Horse Society councillor

          25 year showing experience from agricultural, trade to ridden.

          Founder of the British Ridden Heavy Horse Assosication.

          Founder of the Horse Drawn Implement Society

          Former breeder and light horse judge.

          Commercial property/asset management.

CG profile.jpg

Member: Mrs C Grover

         Founder member of HHTC.

         Suffolk horse society council member.

         Shire, Perceron and Suffolk society approved judge.

         Vast experience of working heavy horses.

         Experienced in showing, in-hand, single, pair and teams of 4 and 6.

         Experienced in stud management.

         British Driving Society assessor, examiner and internal and external verifier.

         Master of blood and fox hound packs.

MB Profile.jpg

Member: Mr M Bingham

        Founder member of HHTC.

        Retired senior lecturer in animal husbandry.

        Experienced in breeding and working Shire Horses, specialising in agricultural activities.

        Organiser and promoter of a wide range of working horse activities.


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